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Looking for more energy

Repsol works on pioneering projects aimed at making the process of hydrocarbons exploration and production increasingly efficient, while improving safety in all operations. The company's projects have accomplished the detection of new deposits with an exploration success rate above the global average.

Kaleidoscope: The Kaleidoscope project has enabled Repsol to find deposits 15 times faster than the average for the industry.
Sherlock: This project has been running since 2009 with the aim of reducing geological risk and increasing the exploration success rate.
Excalibur: Excalibur uses mathematical techniques to compare known deposits with the new ones to be explored, obtaining highly valuable information and thus raising the exploration success rate.
HEADS: Designed to interpret any occurrence in the aquatic environment in under two minutes, HEADS is a reliable, fast and accurate safety system.
Pegasus: In 2014 the Pegasus Project was born, a cooperation agreement between Repsol and IBM for developing cognitive technology for the oil industry, for the first time and on an international level.


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