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Structure and activities of the PIIBE project

The PIIBE project has sought to obtain higher yields on oleaginous crops. 

The project was developed after the creation of the technology map for the chain.
The first block looked at raw materials, seeking higher yields of oleaginous crops and the adaptation new crops to the Spanish climate. It also analysed new sources such as animal fats or marine cultivations, and studied raw materials such as used vegetable oils and biomass gasification.

The second block focused on transformation processes, in which conventional processes were optimised, new processes studied and new applications sought for the by-products generated.

The third block dealt with the uses and applications of biodiesel, exploring areas such as filtration, and fields outside the transport sector such as heat generation, asphalt applications and stationary engines. 




Other Projects: 


CENIT Crisálida Project

The CENIT Crisálida Project develops strategic research in the field of the secondary power distribution, enabling a new concept of medium-voltage network to be developed by 2015.
CENIT Mediodía Project

The industrial research project Mediodía, which stands for "Multiplication of Efforts for the Development, Innovation, Optimisation and Design of Advanced Greenhouses," is led by Repsol.
CENIT Phoenix Project

The Singular Strategic Project for Vegetable Oil Co-processing is an initiative that seeks an innovative and complementary alternative for the incorporation of new biofuels.


This project promotes the research and development of new technologies that encourage CO2 capture and use, preventing its release into the atmosphere.




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