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The CENIT Fénix Project represents the biggest R&D effort invested in Europe in the field of road surfacing. Its aim is to achieve greater sustainability in road surfacing processes.

This initiative represents the biggest R&D effort invested in Europe in the field of road surfacing.

The CENIT Fénix project was made possible thanks to the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology, who provided funding to cover 50% of the cost.

In this project we develop everything from nano-materials for reducing vehicle emissions to asphalt mixtures obtained using environmentally-friendly processes which can make use of radiated solar energy.

The FÉNIX project also conducts strategic research into safer roads and helps to ensure that Spanish roads are among the most effective in Europe.

This plan will reinforce the industrial leadership of the Spanish sector, thanks to the application of twelve lines of research.

Of these twelve lines of research, Repsol is participating in the bitumen area, as we are already the biggest manufacturer of this oil derivative which is used to make roads.

Participating entities

The project leader is the Fénix Project Strategic Research Group, composed of six industrial partners from the construction and road surfacing sector (Sacyr, Elsan Pacsa, Pavasal, Sorigué, Collosa and Serviá Cantó).

Also taking part are an industrial manufacturer of bituminous mix production machinery (Intrame) and a highly specialised private laboratory (CIESM).

Repsol also has another two partners: a bitumen distributor (Ditecpesa), and the Spanish insurance sector research institute for improving Road Safety (Centro Zaragoza).

Fifteen public research organisations from eight universities take part in the project  (Huelva, Catalonia, Madrid, Castilla-la Mancha, Valencia and Cantabria); five technology centres from Andalusia, Extremadura, Castilla-León and the Basque Country; a research institute from the Catalonian CSIC and the CEDEX transport laboratory. In total, 26 organisations from across all of Spain's autonomous communities take part in the project. 

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