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Repsol Technology Center

The Repsol Technology Center is the heart of the company’s research and development. Opened in 2002, these facilities succeeded in unifying the four research centers that Repsol had distributed in different locations around Spain up until that time.

These leading European facilities undertake strategic projects aimed at satisfying energy needs, both present and future, by achieving energy systems that are more efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Over 400 scientists and researchers have sustainable and safe facilities there, where the growth and flow of knowledge are promoted. Repsol also uses a variety of tools and methodologies to encourage sharing and disseminating this knowledge by taking part in interest groups and practice communities.


Virtual Visit

Discover the Repsol Technology Center through a virtual visit where you can find out about Repsol's facilities as well as the projects the company undertakes.


Since its inception, Repsol has had an innovative spirit and has been a pioneer in the field of R&D. Today it has a leading center in Europe.


Repsol Technology Center

Autovía de Extremadura, S/N  

28935 Mostoles, Madrid

Telephone: (34) 913 48 76 00 

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