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Lubricants are products made up of a mix of mineral or synthetic base oils and additives, which, depending on the final use they are to be put to, will have greater or lesser tecnological complexity.

Today, technological efforts are very much geared towards the generation of biodegradable products.

Engine lubricants are the most demanding, as they have to perform different functions, such as lubricating, cleaning or refrigerating, and they also have to comply with stringent environmental standards. 

Engines and machines in general are continuously being modified and improved, and as a result lubricant technology has to keep adapting to such changes. Therefore, Repsol uses bases and additives in its formulations which provide ever better performance. 

Repsol has a complete range of lubricants which adapt to the specific needs of each process, whether automotive or industrial. In the Repsol Technology Centre, the Lubricants division is facing important challenges, developing ever more advanced new products which respond to the needs of each manufacturer. That is why our laboratory is equipped with state of the art analysis equipment, certified under the strict UNE-EN ISO-17025 quality standard, and is considered to be a benchmark laboratory in the sector. 

Among the activities carried out are:

  • Updating the entire range of Repsol lubricants This requires continuous contact with equipment manufacturers to understand their lubrication needs; with the entities and organisms that regulate industrial activities that restrict or require new characteristics of fluids, and with the companies that provide base elements, always seeking optimum solutions for each case. 
  • International expansion of Repsol lubricants. Specialist technological support for the development and launch of lubricants in international markets such as southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Japan), central Europe and America. These markets are growing in volume and need products appropriate to their specific requirements. 
  • Development of more technologically advanced lubricants. The introduction of the new regulation on pollutant gas emissions has required the reformulation of the fuels used, as well as incorporating elements that reduce these emissions in vehicles. This fact has meant that lubricants have had to rapidly adapt to the new specifications of the automotive companies, modifying the additive strategies and incorporating new molecules that are more compatible with the gas post-treatment systems. Low ash engine lubricants such as Mid and Low SAPS are to the fore amongst such products.
  • Exploratory and innovative developments. Acquiring knowledge which allows new opportunities to be explored for using lubricant fluids is essential for maintaining the different product lines at the forefront of the market, and for entering new markets. 
    In line with the innovative approach taken by the company, we have developed lubricant oils known as "Fuel Economy" which seek energetic efficiency, as well as increased safety fluids required for industrial applications with a fire risk. 
  • Development of more environmentally friendly products.Today, technological efforts are very much geared towards developing biodegradable products. As far as hydraulic oils are concerned, we have achieved the first national ECOLABEL certification, which certifies that Repsol Bio Telex oil is a product which respects the environment. Other uses requiring biodegradable lubricant oils are transformers, agricultural machinery and outboard motors. Also, many processes use regenerated bases, which leads to a reduction in the amount of waste material generated by society.       



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