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Another shale oil discovery for YPF

Vaca Muerta

Discovery situtation (Loma La Lata-Cuenca Neuquina)

YPF has announced the discovery of another productive well in the “Vaca Muerta” formation in Bajada de Añelo, province of Neuquén. This is the first productive well from the Vaca Muerta formation drilled outside of the Loma la Lata area.
Immersed in the pilot project being developed in the area, the exploratory well Bajada de Añelo X-2 (BA X-2) has been drilled down to 3,000 metres deep and fractured in 3 different parts in 150 metres. The preliminary results have established a daily production of 250 barrels per day of high quality oil (48º API).
The results of this well encourages our Argentinean subsidiary YPF to keep on investing in the  assesment of the Vaca Muerta formation.









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