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Repsol Motorsport on Twitter

You can find out all the details in the Internet's briefest format thanks to your Twitter account or through an RSS reader. It's really easy:

1.- Become a follower (with a Twitter account)
Register an account with Twitter, go to the @box_repsol profile and click on the “Follow” button, underneath the photograph. You are now a follower of the Repsol Box. From now on updates will be sent to your Twitter profile.

2.- Follow it using RSS (without a Twitter account)
Go into the Repsol Twitter Box. At the bottom of the right-hand column you will find an RSS icon together with the following text: RSS feed of box_repsol’s profile. Click on this and follow the steps of your RSS manager. (More information about RSS)

From now on you will be the first to find out news, results and exclusives from Repsol Motorsport.

Repsol Twitter Box