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Viñales the leader, with Oliveira and Rins making progress

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The Repsol Moto3 riders continue to make progress at the circuit of Jerez. Maverick Viñales set the fastest time on the second day of the tests, with Miguel Oliveira seventh and Álex Rins developing steadily. The final day of practice is on Wednesday and then the team will focus all its attention on the start of the World Championship in Qatar on 8th April.

In spite of the wind at the start of the session in the morning, which delayed the riders entry onto the track a bit longer than the day before, Viñales, Oliveira and Rins had another productive day on the track in Jerez. A sunny day with good temperatures allowed them all to continue with their planned tests and scheduled work. Viñales started calmly running his Moto3 in but he then steadily increased the pace until he set a 1.47.386 after 40 laps in the session alongside the Moto2 riders.

Oliveira went out onto the track ten minutes before Viñales, at 11.30, ready to continue with the development of and his adaptation to the Suter Moto3 that he will ride when the World Championship starts in Qatar on 8th April. The Repsol rider set a 1.48.717 during the first part of the day, the fifth fastest after 48 laps. His teammate, Álex Rins, began the day among the fastest and was among the 15 fastest (14th), with a time of 1.49.552 after 25 laps.

At 4pm the Moto3 riders had an hour with the track to themselves, Viñales was once again the fastest. After 17 laps the Repsol rider set a best time of 1.47.571. Oliveira continued with his work on the setup of his bike and so was not able to better the time he set in the morning, stopping the clock at 1.48.864 whilst electronic problems stopped Rins from riding.

Maverick Viñales // 1:47.386, 57 laps, 252 km.
"I am very pleased with the results today because they were good, we have improved the handling on the chassis and the engine. We are focusing on getting ready for Qatar, above all the tyres. And we are looking for an exhaust that will comply with all requirements, one that provides acceleration and top speed, and we found one. It was pity that it was so windy today because we could have beaten the 125cc record here in Jerez; we hope that the weather is better tomorrow so that we can make more progress. We have to work on the chassis so that the engine turns a bit more — so that we can open the throttle earlier — and finish with the setup on the engine; with all that done we will be ready".

Miguel Oliveira // 1:48.717, 55 laps, 243 km.
"I am satisfied with the work the team and I have done. Today, the second day of practice, we continued with our test plan, trying out different technical solutions and solving some other matters that were pending from yesterday. We tried out a lot of different setups. We have to improve the pace per lap, above all regarding fast laps. Tomorrow we will continue working along the same lines as today. I think we are developing progressively and if we carry on like this we will be ready for the first race of the season".

Álex Rins // 1:49.522, 25 laps, 111 km.
"In the morning we started the practice with a very good pace and we were very comfortable on the bike. We got the chance to try out different setups until a technical problem prevented us from continuing with our planned series of tests. In spite of this setback I am satisfied with the work we are doing. My team worked very hard to get the bike ready for the practice in the morning, so all I can do is to thank them".