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The second Repsol MotoGP Championship up and running

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The second edition of the National Repsol MotoGP Championship starts on 7th April, a virtual competition where the participants must show their skills as riders via the World Championship video game. The Repsol riders in the CEV (Spanish Championship - Campeonato de España de Velocidad) María Herrera and Álex Márquez, will be present at the presentation of the competition this Tuesday at the FNAC Castellana de Madrid store.

Repsol is aiming once again to take the World Championship directly to racing fans. This competition, that will use the MotoGP 10/11 video game, will do a tour of FNAC shops where all participants will be able to join in the fun and demonstrate their talents as riders.

The championship starts on 7th April and lasts until 27th October. Thousands of participants will battle it out to get that special Vip Village pass, for two people, that is offered as prize by Repsol. In addition, this year the Campeonato Repsol MotoGP will have a parallel online competition, the winners will meet up in the Grand Final which will take place in Madrid.


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